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Doug Porter

"With a population of less than 37 million, Canada buys more from the U.S. than Japan, Germany and Korea combined."
Potentially bad news for Canada, worse news for Donald Trump.
More than 7 million Americans have been force out of the workforce in the past 16 years.
BMO cuts growth forecast to zero from 1.5 per cent.
Canada's trade deficit hits record high.
“Some are questioning whether Canada really needed that fiscal stimulus after all.”
If you're holding cash, you've beaten the TSX by 12 per cent.
When it comes to jobs, central and western Canada are playing a game of role reversal.
Gas prices in Canada have been rising, even as oil prices have been falling, but Canadians are still a little better off
If you drive regularly, you may have noticed that gas prices have risen substantially in recent weeks. The average pump price
For many years, the Canadian and U.S. housing markets tracked each other fairly closely, but that hasn’t been the case since
Toronto’s rising unemployment rate is making it an increasingly tough place to find work, but some recent data suggests it