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They are the first known patients in Canada to be allowed to use psychedelics for medical treatment.
Maryam Monsef faces Conservative challenger Mike Skinner in a riding to watch.
Joaquin Guzman, 62, escaped maximum-security facilities twice.
The store ships medicinal doses of magic mushrooms anywhere in Canada.
He wants a policy similar to Portugal’s to make it into the Liberals’ election platform.
Our freedom and Charter rights should be more important to us than ensuring that every criminal is apprehended.
Providing users with a regulated supply of opioids as an alternative to toxic drugs sold on the black market will save lives.
If you haven't already, sit down with your kids this week and have the "pot talk" together.
"I don’t think we can just say we didn’t mean anything by it."
The federal government's response is so far from appropriate, so far from adequate and so far from stemming the tide of death that many have lost hope.