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dry skin

Find the right treatment for your specific skin care concerns.
Use readily available and affordable gadgets Keeping warm and cozy in the winter means you might be inching the dial up on
For the millions who suffer from it, dry skin can be uncomfortable, unsightly, and even embarrassing. And addressing it can
When the weather changes, so should your beauty routine.
Itchy hands and dry lips? Yeah, we've got a solution for that.
You do NOT want it to lead to an infection.
Natural oils can be a lifesaver.
Skip the alcohol.
It's wintertime, and the livin' ain't easy. Dry skin, chapped lips and static-ridden strands. Sound familiar? As the temperature drops and the thermostats are cranked on high, your skin and hair long for a little extra TLC. Don't let winter's harsh weather wreak havoc on your natural glow.
Wouldn't it be swell if the harshest season of the year also didn't make us dry, chapped and flaky? As if enduring -26 degree temperatures isn't torturous enough, our skin vehemently protests, and getting our complexions back to a healthy, happy state can seem like no easy feat. But it is!