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eating disorders

"Once I was able to accept that I won't have control over everything, it became a lot easier."
Get curious, and educate yourself on the statistics and symptoms of our illness, which you're doing already by reading my advice.
The campaign comes just in time for Eating Recovery Day.
Canada's Gabrielle Daleman recently opened up about her own experiences.
Critics claim "To The Bone" is triggering to those struggling with mental health.
The diet industry will constantly tell us that we need to lose weight, sell us a cure that will fail, make us feel like the failures and then sell us something else. STOP! It's not just about losing weight, it's about gaining health, and that's not all about a number on the scale or the size of your jeans.
Contrary to what the Ontario Ministry of Health is saying, listing calories on menus will not make us healthier. In fact, it can actually make some of us sicker. Giving people partial information with which they're supposed to make informed decisions is just not going to work.
The silence and the stigmas that surround mental health makes this place that much darker, and that much scarier. If we open up the conversation, we can ease the guilt and shame that comes with having a mental illness  --  it's as if battling with your own mind wasn't already hard enough.