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ed the sock

Any idiot knows dry-humping staff is a no-no, and Ghomeshi is a lot of things, but he isn't an idiot. Ghomeshi was a left-wing women's-rights advocate, he had to know that the actions and comments he engaged in were inappropriate -- he just didn't think that applied to him. It was a choice, not ignorance. Intense narcissism is no excuse for wilful ignorance.
Ed the Sock hates a lot of things, but the Canadian entertainment industry is not one of them. So every year, when the Toronto
Television cop shows used to portray cops and robbers in very black and white terms, but not any more argues Ed the Sock
So you think there's nothing to watch on TV during the summer? Well, as Ed the Sock points out, Stephen Harper has stepped
When it comes to Hollywood, everything old eventually becomes new again, and that sucks, says Ed the Sock.
I loved TV, so to enjoy the adventures of (the bionic) Steve Austin or Jim Rockford or Fonzie and the Cunninghams, I had to endure the obvious social-engineering messages that reminded me I was an outsider. Then along came David Letterman.
"Person of Interest", a science-fiction CBS drama about government surveillance, has wrapped up after season four. But its
So "Avengers 2: Age of Ultron" director Joss Whedon quit Twitter. Big deal, says Ed the Sock. Rumours suggest Whedon was
So you think the CBC is the only network that deals with celebrity hosts that go too far? Think again. According to Ed The
Trevor Noah's tweets were many things to many people: offensive, tasteless, racist and sexist. But according to Ed the Sock