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Ed the Sock video

Ed the Sock hates a lot of things, but the Canadian entertainment industry is not one of them. So every year, when the Toronto
Television cop shows used to portray cops and robbers in very black and white terms, but not any more argues Ed the Sock
When it comes to Hollywood, everything old eventually becomes new again, and that sucks, says Ed the Sock.
"Person of Interest", a science-fiction CBS drama about government surveillance, has wrapped up after season four. But its
Just last week, Canada’s telecom regulator, the CRTC, announced the end of mandatory channel bundling. They also sounded
It's an ages-old debate. OK, maybe not ages, more like decades -- but there it is: which is better, DC or Marvel Comics? Warner
South of the border, it doesn't take much to become a celebrity. Take Elisabeth Hasselbeck, for instance. After appearing
The masses don't lie: TV shows like "Modern Family," "The Big Bang Theory" and "Gotham" are currently at the top of the ratings