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Inside the U.S. Capitol building, police officers fired off tear gas.
Premier John Horgan likely wants a majority government.
There’s political gamesmanship behind his prorogation gambit.
An election has been called in the province for Sept. 14.
The Conservatives promise to pull out of the EU by Jan. 31, 2020.
Sorry, but no "boat" was involved in the voting process.
The prime minister told The Economist, “I don’t want this election to be polarized.”
The government can no longer cling to the falsehood that loud, angry doctors are just tiny splinter group, trying to whip up trouble in name of a bigger pay cheque. The majority of doctors are unhappy with this government and unhappy with the direction of health care. If two critical votes with large voter turnout can't convince you that doctors are pushing for health care reform, then you are relying on alternative facts to bolster your misconception.
Premier Christy Clark has already taken off the table the one thing that leaves Canada's three other public auto insurers in decent financial shape: no-fault insurance. Makes one wonder who is so strongly opposed to the idea? Likely, a group that does well with the current regime. Lawyers spring to mind.
Maryam Monsef showed no desire to hold a referendum, blaming the committee for not achieving consensus on the issue. She is moving ahead with the next phase of her outreach, she said, announcing the launch of a new consultation process -- in the middle of the holiday season.