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election reform

The Liberal minister says a referendum isn't the best way to engage in a discussion.
About 56 per cent also said they support a new electoral system.
The Ontario Provincial government is working on their promise to allow municipalities to use Ranked Ballots in the 2018 elections 'as an option' which would be a timid step in the right direction. However, Toronto Mayoral lead Candidate John Tory is opposed to the idea and yet, that doesn't seem to have an impact on his polling numbers.
Too many of us are showing our indifference about local government by not voting. If Vancouver's mayor aspires to increase public engagement, he should take on the problem of low voter turnout head on. These 10 recommendations are a good place to start.
The answer to the problem of majority rule by the minority is to achieve electoral reform so that the electoral system is sound enough to itself produce a truly representative government. In the last election, the electoral system awarded 53.9 per cent of the seats to a party that won only 39.6 per cent of the votes cast, and allowed that party to form the government.