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engagement rings

From Cardi B to Liz Taylor, here are the most expensive celebrity engagement rings.
But that doesn't mean you have to shell out that much, too.
That band tho.
When it comes to designing an engagement ring, couples want to create a timeless ring that mirrors their unique style and personality. It's exciting to see people exploring their creativity and incorporating their own flavour into something they'll cherish forever. From fancy cuts and mixed precious metals, the options for a one-of-a-kind design are endless. Here are my predictions for the hottest jewellery trends that will continue to inspire in 2016
You'll never guess how much Kim Kardashian's ring cost!
We're re-naming this video 'Two Minutes To Tears.'
Could this become a new trend?
For the bride who nose what she wants.
The night is quiet and cool. He or she slowly drops to one knee. A gleaming diamond ring is held aloft, and the warm tears start to flow. Yes, the moment when someone proposes marriage is truly unforgettable.
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Engagement season comes to its climax (pun intented) on Valentine's Day, and although we've been obsessing over women's bling
When we think of an engagement ring, we picture a simple band with a sparkling diamond on top. But while this is what most
Valentine's Day is just around the corner so if you're planning on proposing to your significant other on Feb. 14 (or if
A beautiful diamond solitaire The opulence! A different kind of band requires a cool bride A vintage beauty What a beauty
Sorry ladies (and gents), but that massive engagement ring (a la Kim Kardashian) you've been wanting may not be the answer
True, your wedding dress will be the main focus of your special day and thus should be photographed to death but there's
Presenting a diamond ring can be one of the grandest gestures a man will make so it should be almost perfect. Many choose Valentine's Day as a romantic time to pop the question. With February 14 right around the corner, selecting the ring is a difficult and anxiety-filled process. Educating yourself before purchasing that once-in-a-lifetime piece will ensure you get exactly what you want (and what she wants).
Engagement season is in full swing (we bet you know at least one couple who got engaged over Christmas) and if you're looking
It's officially the beginning of "Engagement Season" (which is kinda hell for those of us who aren't getting engaged) which
It recently came to light that Kate Middleton's hand-me-down engagement ring is not the most expensive celebrity bling out