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Having a contactless payment option isn’t just for major retailers anymore, and implementing it is easy. Offering the option
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Every business has the need to protect itself against liability and property loss; it’s just a matter of how much. The coverage
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5. Have the right insurance when all else fails The cost of repairing a breach and covering legal expenses could set you
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People told me my shop would go under, but I wanted to live my values.
Cover the cost of going to court Whether it’s a customer making a claim after slipping on a patch of ice outside your storefront
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Shehan De Silva, founder of Lost Craft beer, says the secret to entrepreneurial success lies in boxing.
If you allow yourself to be wooed by empty perks, you might be back to the job board sooner than you thought.
You aren't supposed to have all of the answers. You are not supposed to be good at everything.
Chef Jae Anthony’s explains why his personality is very much part of his success story.
Chef Jae Anthony shares how three days of selling poutine made all the difference in opening his restaurant Seasoned Dreams.
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Jae Anthony has been cooking Caribbean food since he was 11. But running a restaurant? That’s something the Montreal entrepreneur is relatively new at. Here’s how the founder of Seasoned Dreams turned his pop-up hustle into fully-fledged eatery.
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Growing up, I was a precarious, hourly paid shift worker. Many times in my early-to-mid 20s, I was faced with too much month at the end of the money. The gig economy model of work did not yet exist, and with rigid shift scheduling and strict employment processes, I had to rely on loans to make ends meet. Since then, my belief has not changed: This is not the way new entrants to the labour market should start their careers.
A client has referred you to someone who you think is an ideal prospect. Conversations have gone very well and they made a Request For Proposal (RFP). But somewhere along the way, something changed. Here's why.
Maybe I was in an ultra-serious head space when I first saw the video of Robert Kelly's children enter the backdrop of their father's live interview with the BBC. I didn't laugh. I didn't see an ounce of humour in it, frankly. All I could think about was how horrified he must have felt, though he did an incredible job masking it.
We have been raised all of our lives with the world trying to suppress who we are and telling us who we ought to be to fit in. How bizarre is it that we try to change who we are, to try and fit, versus just being more of ourselves and finding the opportunity that actually fits us?
With January being famous for its most depressing Monday of the year and with Bell's Lets talk campaign to draw awareness
Companies that have mastered the art of social media. From the AOL Partner Studio
Many in venture capital preach the gospel of raising equity, saying that a small piece of a large pie is better than a large piece of a small pie. This is often self-serving. Although sometimes raising equity makes sense, entrepreneurs are too often on the side of parting ways with equity too easily, so that isn't the best advice.
Writing a memoir has forced me to expose all the areas of my life that are painful, humiliating, embarrassing that I had chosen to keep hidden from the world. I've had to acknowledge the areas of my life that I was ashamed of and realize the many (many!) mistakes I've made along the way.
Many people dream of becoming an entrepreneur. After all, you're in total control of your career path, you have a flexible work schedule, and your salary is a direct reflection of your efforts. With automation tools, outsourcing platforms, digital marketing channels, and turnkey e-commerce options that are affordable and accessible, it's never been easier to start your own enterprise.