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The pandemic has been brutal to small businesses. In Canada, some small business owners rose to the challenge and came up with creative and innovative solutions to win customers and stay relevant even in this challenging year.
Nothing can stop these adaptable business owners from thriving in the face of adversity. They share their stories of perseverance, transformation, and the power of pivoting.
The fall of Elizabeth Holmes' Theranos serves as warning for any Canadian startups tempted to promise what they can't deliver.
He did so in a system that talked down to him, belittled him, questioned his intelligence and treated him like a second-class citizen.
It's been two years and I know for certain I wouldn't be where I am today if that didn't happen.
Don't ask him how he feels about cocktails and haircuts.
She came to Canada as an immigrant. Now she's working with Drake.
He's shifting social consciousness one app at a time.