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Erin Wotherspoon

Daniel currently holds spot #29 on the top 50 restaurants in the world. Daniel is the meal of my dreams. There is something intangible in the air as you walk through the revolving doors on 65th street. This is a place of privilege. The opaque doors shut behind us, blocking out a world a little less elegant. As we make our grand entrance (yes it is grand) it's as if we have box seats at a highly revered opera.
He has a credit card for every colour of the rainbow though and not going to lie, my eye has been caught by all the pretty colours. Maybe I can put up with the horrible spanish if I'm being driven around in a porsche? Yea that wouldn't be so bad. It's not love though. That sounds more like sacrifice and a whole lot of pretty things to make up for it.
My best friend tells me men are like cheeses. "What's your favourite cheese?" she asks her beau. "The orange kind." Uh oh. Red flag. Abort. This, gentlemen, is not a good answer.
If Buca were a man I'd be totally nervous to date him because he's so good looking. A procession of pizzas go by and I'm staring, mouth agape, right at the goods, undressing it with my eyes, imagining what it would look like on my plate, in my mouth...Buca is a man I want to get serious with.
My rationale? I want to go to nice restaurants and have guys pay for it while I review the food. I will review the restaurant and the date after the fact. Surf & turf at Harbour 60 and restaurants with absolutely no signage is what I'm talking about. A little back alley tapas, a plate of carpaccio, and some caviar in the back of a joint that doubles as a barber shop.
If would-be Internet sensation cum sociopath Erin Wotherspoon gets offered the book deal or reality show she's so clearly striving for with her terrifying Tumblr page, I will punch the Internet and everyone on it. Her exploitation of the Internet fame cycle and her arguable inability to write, the lack of real focus on her barefaced anti-Semitic remarks is pretty chilling.
Her motto is simple: Do whatever it takes to go on dates with men and eat at some of Toronto's fanciest spots. For free. According