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If you've ever tried to "over-haul" your life in one giant leap it's often very difficult to maintain, if not impossible. There will always be some occasion, family emergency, or important work function that will interrupt your new healthy way of living. But healthy living is just that -- living your life in a healthy way.
By: Christine Bahls, Everyday Health Some people treat their bodies like a Ferrari, others, like a clunker. A Ferrari-fed
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Are you an introvert or an extrovert? Introverts — people with quieter and more reflective personalities — typically thrive
Regrets — we're sure you've had a few. From losing the one that got away to picking the wrong career path, see how yours
Everyone sweats when they get too hot, but if you're frequently dripping in sweat for no reason, you could have hyperhidrosis
By Laura Berman, Everyday Health Stress is an inevitable part of life. In Neanderthal times, cortisol (the main stress hormone