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ezra levant

Ezra Levant's fall exposes the Conservative Party and its sycophants for what they are: cynical right-wing populists playing off people's fears.
"If this was a political censorship decision, it is terrifying."
Ezra Levant's news organization cheered on and rationalized white nationalist protesters in Charlottesville.
Ezra is not an anti-Semite. So what, then, is he doing keeping the likes of Gavin McInnes on the payroll? What is the truth about alt-Right heroine Lauren Southern and her speedy departure? Is Rebel Media so free-speechy that it will now give an uncritical platform to Holocaust denier rhetoric?
She took her seven-year-old to Trudeau's town hall on Monday night.
I do not want to rush to the defence of a person whose work I am familiar with and now finds himself facing an assault charge and three counts of mischief. I do not condone violence. However, the real noted Canadian activist and journalist, Andray Domise - my friend - is quite different than the one I see projected in the media.
Discourse has been hijacked by a special brand of lunatics, people who are seemingly normal in real life but spit venom in the online world. Like comic book villains, they get caught up in their own drawn out monologues or zippy one-liners, both designed to stifle debate and destroy even the hint of a robust discussion, while feeding our minds a fool's gold hit of adrenaline.
R&R matey!
"Your client and those who identify as being connected to your client are not journalists," said a letter from Alberta Justice.