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fall shoes

Because let's face it, these babies go with everything.
Because you can never have too many shoes.
Fringe is in!
We always expect the unexpected from Rihanna and her latest outfit definitely fulfilled our, um, expectations. On Tuesday
Fall is here! While this may mean for some that (to quote Vogue's Candy Pratts-Price), "it's time to get back in those heels
Autumn is rapidly approaching and with that, so is cooler temperatures. Meaning? Well it's about time to brush up on the
Summer may be over but there’s still a need for fashionable flat shoes to keep us dry during the wet and wild colder months
For the past decade, I've been on a mission for one thing: super cute shoes that I can wear all the time that don't make me want to gnaw my feet off Saw-style. Easy-peasy, right? Wrong. I could never guess what would make my feet revolt. What was comfy to everyone else was a sick joke to me. Fall is quickly approaching and with the demise of summer so too shall my sandals go off into the dark basement closet. Memories of painful riding boots and ankle booties dance in my head while I prepare for months of agony.