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Farm Radio International

Taking place annually on February 13, World Radio Day was established by UNESCO in 2011. Why dedicate a special day to celebrate a century-old technology in a new era of digital gadgets and applications? Because radio is still relevant and powerful. And, in some parts of the world, it is the medium that people rely on most.
Mambo Jambo Radio is one of many radio stations around the world to benefit from JHR human rights media training. Knoll helped broadcaster Rotlinde Achimpota understand the importance of covering women's and children's rights stories, which has since made her a household name across northern Tanzania.
In Ada, a small district 200 kilometres east of Ghana's capital city, Accra, village meetings broke down in a hail of accusations. Fistfights erupted in the streets. Tomato farmers and goat herders were at each other's throats. Into this minefield walked Isaac Djabelety, a station manager with Farm Radio International.
David Okidi is a journalist in Northern Uganda and was the station manager at Mega FM, a radio station in the northern Ugandan region of Gulu. He recently joined the board of directors of Farm Radio International. Farm Radio International (FRI) helps African radio broadcasters meet the needs of local small-scale farmers and their families in rural communities. I met him for lunch.