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Many diasporic Punjabis like me are only one generation removed from the same agrarian life the farmers are fighting to save.
Celebrities like Rihanna, Greta Thunberg and Lilly Singh are raising awareness about the massive protest in India.
Farmers undertook a “historic” march to India’s capital to oppose new reforms, and had support in many Canadian cities.
A fourth-generation cattle rancher from Alberta shares what it’s like to run a modern operation, and her vision for a greener future.
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Jennifer Forde shares how she bridges the gaps faced by people in food deserts.
The model, who grew up in Vancouver, told us why she's proud to be Canadian.
From the avocado boom to the birth of the cronut, we've seen a lot of food trends come and go in recent years. Some good
What does a farmer do all day to ensure we can enjoy our favourite foods, like Canadian eggs, at the breakfast table? In
It is a juggling act that we are still perfecting — there are still very hard days and moments.
We are rapidly approaching a moment when coffee production will start to decrease at a rate untenable from a supply/demand perspective.
And it's getting millennials interested in farming.
The local food movement, which has been going strong for many years, has a number of positive effects for our local farmers and communities.
The Canadian government is consulting Canadians on three food law or policy changes that would impact animals.
It's not so easy in countries ravaged by the El Nino weather phenomenon. Most rural families work a garden or field to produce enough for the year ahead. When the rains don't come as usual, everything changes. Children must lug dead-weight water jugs over huge distances to keep their crops alive.
Conservative leadership hopeful Kellie Leitch started doing crazy things like praising Donald Trump, or threatening to dismantle the CBC, or talking about "Canadian values" in a way that everyone recognized as overtly racist and xenophobic. That's not what our community is about. That's not who we are.
Two decades of studies have failed to produce any smoking guns. It's now time that we all accept the scientific consensus -- GM foods are probably as safe to eat as non-GMO. But that doesn't lessen my opposition to genetic modification one bit.
The Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program has a Farm Strategic Recruitment Initiative under the Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program for Business. The purpose of the program is to bring new farmers to Manitoba.
Nyeleni (global congress for food sovereignty) produced The Declaration of the International Forum for Agroecology. It advocated a model of food production radically opposed to the current corporate-controlled system. The declaration represents a challenge to transnational agribusiness. Rather than wanting to transform society and food and agriculture, these state-corporate interests require business as usual.
Predation is an important natural function. But as the human population has grown, we've taken over management of ecosystems once based on mutually beneficial relationships that maintained natural balances. How are we, a "super predator," aligning with or diverging from natural predation processes that shaped the world?