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fashion trends 2014

We know a lot of you are excited to ring in the New Year and say goodbye to old trends, but you’re wrong. 2014 was a powerful
We're the first to admit that we really enjoyed this trend and basked in its momentary glory. (We wore a pyjama top with
The end of the year means we all win. First, we can reflect on what we did right over the last 365 days (congratulations
A few years back, it seemed like there was nothing as horrible as mid-2000s fashion. The stores we shopped and worked at
16. People who wear them inside (Sorry, Anna) 12. Rollercoasters 18. When you realize the designer sunnies you bought on
We're just about ready to ditch our winter blacks and greys and fall in love with the spring 2014 colour trends that will
Spring is on the horizon which means that soon enough, we will be ditching our coats, toques and boots for more warm-weather
Ok, spring isn't exactly in the air yet (for Canadians, anyway) but that doesn't mean we can't dream about what we're going
It doesn't feel like it, what with the Polar Vortex and all, but spring is slowly creeping up on us. This means that soon
Time flies when you’re aging at a normal human pace. One minute Paris Hilton is dictating your wardrobe, and the next, it’s
If you follow celebrity fashion, you probably find yourself asking, “Why on earth did she wear that?” and wondering whether
Spring is only a season away, but come January, we’ll be at no loss for what the season has to offer. Even though there may
Now that almost all of us are done looking back on 2013 (no one will top Beyoncé, so why even try), it’s time to look towards
Another year, another list of trends to reflect on. But let’s face it: This year was at no loss for character, with the most
In our lovely diverse country, a variety of holidays are celebrated with very different foods and traditions. But two things