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fashion trends 2015

Time to go shopping!
Just because a trend is introduced for a season that's roughly seven months away, that should never deter a true fashion
We're in the dead of winter but good news: spring is on the horizon (we swear) and with that comes all the 2015 spring fashion
New year, new trends! Now that we've finally entered 2015, it's time to start thinking about all the great new (and renewed
We would like to take credit for Kristen Stewart's wardrobe but we can't: girl's got a natural flair for knowing the hot
It's cold outside folks but that won't stop the fashion forward from thinking about spring fashion 2015 trends. While we're
Sure, "The September Issue" taught us that "September is the January in fashion" but though that may be true in the magazine
We know that spring seems so far away (sob!) but trust us, the time will go by quickly. (And in the meantime, ease the pain
One minute we’re reminiscing about the highs and lows of 2014, the next we’re ignoring the year because 2015 is on its way
We know a lot of you are excited to ring in the New Year and say goodbye to old trends, but you’re wrong. 2014 was a powerful