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father's day 2013

There we sat, changing their outfits, brushing their "hair," with me doing my best falsetto voice, as we all got ready for the prom. My daughter, Kirsten, was giggling at me not so much for the voices, but for the fact she had put a lovely purple bow in my hair that matched Malibu Barbie's hair ribbon. We were having a blast!
Today's technology provides more options for travellers to stay in touch with loved ones. Travelling can be easier on the whole family if you make time to let them know that you're thinking of them while you're away. A souvenir for the kids never hurts either!
This week, in anticipation of Father's Day, HuffPost was full of Dad-related content of all sorts, from gift ideas (believe it or not, some dads are hoping for nose clippers) to moving accounts of losing -- and finding -- a father. What's the best way to fete a dad today? Buy him a book? Turn his old tie into an iPod cover? Any of these might work, depending on the dad, but ultimately it's the quiet celebration of an authentic child/father connection that's most important. Which means: The perfect Father's Day gift is far more likely to be the heartfelt hug, handshake, or cuddle that evolves organically with no help from Hallmark -- or even HuffPost.
From my daughter: "I spent the first 12 ½ years of my life with a dad that made me the woman I am today. Even though he's gone and I miss him every day, I know he's with me because I wouldn't be me without him. I have now spent the last 11 years (and counting) with my step-dad and I couldn't have asked for anyone better."
In honour of Father's Day we found some of the most heartwarming, tear-jerking and hilarious videos of dads with their kids. Best assignment ever. It's not every day you are tasked at work with compiling a list of your favourite daddy YouTube videos. Try watching these without shedding at least one tear.
Earlier this month, YouTube got a blast of Father's Day-friendly cuteness when Christian Diego Mello uploaded a video of
There are many stylish celebrity fathers who citizen dads should emulate on Father's Day 2013 and then there are the fathers
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Father's Day is just around the corner and, seeing as how we took the time to talk about our favourite and least favourite
I'm very fortunate to have a dad that's pretty great, I think! Although my dad got married when he was only 19-years old, he has always been there for me. To honour my dad and dads like mine, check out this list of 10 Gifts Your Dad Will Love for Father's Day, 2013!