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federal budget 2015

With a Federal election looming, it is no surprise that the recent budget featured a little bit of everything. After taking care of families with new tax cuts last October, the proposed budget delivers tax relief for seniors and small business owners to widen the appeal.
The federal budget announced recently has interesting policies that are expected to affect Canadians. Economic Action Plan 2015 has different components that may affect the lives of Canadians differently. An important aspect of the budget is that it would be balanced in 2015-16 with a projected surplus of $1.4 billion.
Federal Conservatives have cracked open an eight-point lead over Liberals on the heels of a pre-election budget that balanced
The new ad campaign is green and Conservative blue.
New system of loans and private partnerships in order to fund transit questioned
The Harper government has introduced an extension of copyright terms as part of the federal budget, in a move that is likely
Higher TFSA limit and tax breaks for Canadians with children take up a very large piece of the pie
Before he tabled his spending plan, Finance Minister Joe Oliver popped online to cheekily remind Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau
It seems he just couldn’t resist.
Canadians should be more demanding and critical when it comes to the economy, says Scott Clark
OTTAWA — Finance Minister Joe Oliver opted Monday for New Balance sneakers as his budget day shoes. The black Ballistic 501
The man who once hoped to stay Canada's finance minister until the books were balanced loomed large as Conservatives tabled
A look at how the 2015 budget will affect Canadians, whether you're single, married or retired
According to the NDP's math, Stephen Harper would owe taxpayers $94,202
Grits take aim at Harper, charging he has lowest growth rate of any PM since R.B. Bennett during the Great Depression
Gerald Butts, top adviser to Justin Trudeau, also jumped online this week to defend Pierre Trudeau's legacy. It seems federal
Finance Minister Joe Oliver will meet with private sector economists April 9 for one final check in on the state of the economy