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female friendships

Everyone in the room was focused on the baby, except the photographer.
Female friendships are really hard to maintain as a parent, but they're important, she says.
These will take your celebration of ladylove to the next level.
Friendship expert Shasta Nelson offers her best tips.
You know it's true.
Investing in friendships is part of a finding a healthy balance in life. We care for and enjoy our friends, but sometimes we might forget to think about how we can secure and grow our friendships. Any sort of investment requires some time and thought. Maintaining friendships requires effort, but when we look at the health benefits of friendships, this effort is worth it.
The bullying I faced earlier in my life, was something that stuck with me and is still something that affects me today. My social anxiety and depression went hand in hand making events seem impossible, school lunch a nightmare and made my bed the only place I felt comfortable being.
This is depressing, but could it be true?