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fifty shades of grey movie

Someone out there just couldn't wait to get their hands on the latest copy of Fifty Shades Of Grey — so much that they may
What was supposed to be a night with Christian Grey ended up in handcuffs. A woman in the state of Sinaloa in Mexico was
As Canadian connections to "Fifty Shades of Grey" go, we'll take this one.
Yes, there are elements in Fifty Shades of Grey that warrant discussion. However, we have to remember that these people are figments of E.L. James' imagination. She's no expert on the BDSM lifestyle and her scenes lack a certain accuracy. This is not what a healthy relationship looks like. You cannot fix a violent person with your love, nor is it romantic to be scared.
I saw it. Last night. What does the popularity of Fifty Shades say about the modern woman today? Could this be the beginning of a new revolution, acknowledging the female as a sexual being, possibly just as sexually charged as her male counterpart?
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