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Within each work day, there are only so many hours you have to produce your best, which is why it's important to maximize and monitor the time you spend on anything. This of course leads to the difference between working more versus working smarter.
Even more disturbing, it seems that CSE deliberately targeted Canadian IP addresses in violation of the law and contrary to repeated government assurances. They then cross-referenced the IP addresses of file-hosting users with other databases to learn the identity of these users. So basically, ending up as a target for in-depth surveillance could be as easy as clicking on a link.
Even now 3D printers can create a wide range of products the major challenge lies in making those technologies realistically affordable for consumers. When free is an option for all consumer goods it will have a greater disruptive impact than anything since, at least, the industrial revolution.
Many readers will recall that nearly one year ago, the U.S. government launched a global takedown of Last week, an Ontario court rejected a request to send mirror-imaged copies of 32 computer servers to authorities in the U.S., indicating that a more refined order is needed.
Some 1,100 internet users in central Canada could find out Monday if they will be targeted for litigation by a Hollywood
Canadians may complain about high internet bills, low download limits and too few choices for providers, but that certainly
In a move likely to be cheered by heavy Internet users and small Internet companies alike, Bell Canada has told its business
A website that specializes in reporting on digital piracy says it has identified the Montreal Canadiens among the IP addresses
Thousands of Canadians may soon find themselves facing a lawsuit from the makers of the Oscar-winning movie The Hurt Locker
Blockbuster Video’s announcement this week that it is closing all its remaining Canadian locations marks a milestone in consumer