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Flight Cancellations

"[Airlines] put out those flexibility policies as a way of steering people away from exercising their rights."
Smaller carriers, likely including Swoop, will get a pass on some of the new air passenger rights.
Know your air travel rights!
It's a worst-case vacation scenario -- you've been waiting for hours at your airline's gate with your tropical itinerary and (increasingly cranky) kids in tow, when they make the announcement: Your flight will not be taking off as planned. Flight cancellations are often panic-inducing, especially if there are connecting flights, ground transportation and hotel reservations on the clock -- and your dollar.
A weekend ice storm responsible for dozens of flight delays and cancellations is still causing headaches for travellers as
It may look like a winter wonderland out there, but it's shaping up to be a headache for anyone with travel plans on the