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flu season

The flu vaccine could be hard to find — and tough to administer safely.
The province announced the new hiring program as part of its COVID-19 pandemic preparedness plan.
Sing "Happy Birthday" twice while washing your hands.
Do everyone a solid and get the flu shot.
The effectiveness of the vaccine takes about two weeks to kick in.
The results suggest more is needed than widespread media campaigns, kiosks in drugstores or public clinics.
Prepare yourself Canada, flu season is coming.
"By not vaccinating your child, you are putting your child's life in danger."
RSV is the leading cause of hospitalizations in babies less than a year old.
Dr. Kyle Sue claims women are better than men at handling the flu.
We know the hospital system has no surge capacity. If you are already at 110 per cent, where's the room to surge?
It will require a judgment call on your part.
You can be contagious and start spreading the flu virus up to a day before symptoms appear.
Whatever you do, don't go into work if you're sick.
It's the middle of flu season and as expected, the virus is making its way through Canada. Thousands of people are struggling with the coughs, fever, and fatigue and looking for ways to deal with the weeks of suffering. Recently, a group of American researchers have shown a new means by which flu can survive and spread.
I know the flu vaccine doesn't fully protect me or my family from getting the flu. It is just one of the many strategies that I use during flu season to keep us healthy like frequent hand washing, adequate rest and a balanced diet. Vaccination decisions are a touchy subject for many people, so here's a snapshot of recent research..