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Flying is already bad for the planet and excess trash makes it worse.
The airline launched a new reservation system which is delaying customers.
It highlights the struggle of so many working moms.
Sexual harassment can happen anywhere. And anyone can help stop it.
Aligning Canadian policy regarding small knife blades with international policies will not compromise our safety in the air.
Flying is already enough of a hassle with long security lines, tiny seats and baggage limitations. There are things you can do to make your travels easier. You don't want to have your bag needlessly searched, your belongings stained or have something you overlooked confiscated. Keep these details in mind next time you pack your bag.
When it comes to airline fees, knowledge is power. Once you know how to look for the hidden fees and how to avoid them, you can actually benefit from the hidden fee structure. We've tracked the recent costs of additional fees at some of Canada's biggest carriers and "Wow Air," the new low-cost carrier on the scene, so you know what you're up against.