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food inflation

Some rare good news for Canadian grocery shoppers.
The fallout from the loonie's slide continues to be felt in Canada's grocery stores. Fruit and vegetable prices kept climbing
A Maritime dairy group is warning Canadians they could face a butter shortage just in time for the holidays. Dairy Farmers
Demand for meat is softening in Canada, thanks to rising prices, an aging population and changing demographics, says a new
If you’ve noticed your Canada Day food bill rising in recent years, you’re not alone. The price of meat in particular has
Canada’s core inflation rate jumped 2.4 per cent in March, according to Statistics Canada, but that number obscures an ugly
Bacon prices in Canada are nearly 27 per cent higher today than they were a year ago, as a crisis in the industry continues
Mass protests have become an all-too-common post-crisis occurrence in major cities around the world. The sheer number of them elicits key questions. What is making them so prevalent? Where will the movement strike next? And more personally, how will protests affect our international business operations?
Food prices in Canada are set to spike next year in the wake of a massive drought in the U.S. Midwest, says a new study from