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Ford Nation

"He is not qualified to be prime minister."
Surprise, surprise.
The two brothers were introduced at a Harper rally as “two great sons of Etobicoke Centre.”
Ford Nation is crushed. On Monday night, after John Tory was declared the winner of the Toronto mayoral race, more than a
If you call Rob Ford on the number he provides on his "Rob Ford Mayor" magnets, he will call you back. That's the campaign
In 2012, referring to council, Doug Ford said: "I can't get anywhere with these monkeys." Was that a term of endearment? How can Mayor Ford expect to get anything done at City Hall when you use such language? Oh, that's right. Since then, he mostly hasn't. No need to answer. When you told the father of an autistic child who rightly and democratically challenged your views to "go to hell," what were you thinking?
On Canada Day, a shirtless jogger confronted Ford and won fans online for calling the mayor a "corrupt, racist, lying homophobe
A Canadian rapper whose biggest hit warns about the perils of talking to the police is apparently a big fan of Toronto Mayor
That's what makes Ford Nation so extraordinary -- the incredible dichotomy that exists when it comes to criticism of most politicians and criticism of Rob Ford. Ford effectively gets what amounts to a jaw-dropping free pass from his base (in Toronto or in B.C.) nine times out of 10.
Biblical are not a religious band. They are not a political band. They are a furious band, though. Sitting on a street corner