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foreign policy

The Tory leader suggested he’s not concerned about Canada losing its Security Council bid.
The Trudeau government claims to promote women's right, while protecting industries and countries that oppress women wholesale
Kim criticized the White House for pushing the narrative that North Korea had chosen to denuclearize because of U.S. sanctions and pressure.
A guide to the 2015 international agreement that Donald Trump has plunged into crisis.
The launch of our Feminist International Assistance Policy is just the beginning.
The Chinese middle class is in a state of cognitive dissonance. They absolutely loathe the corruption of power, but they desire to join those at the top.
Freeland has delivered a vision for Canadian foreign policy that shows her remarkably level head and iron gut. The first signal to her well-placed values is the way that she sees shared international institutions as the main cause of peace and prosperity, rather than American military domination.
If we really want to support women and really want to be known as a feminist nation, then we need to work hand-in-hand with women and fund their work. We would welcome an announcement for this in the federal budget this week. But for this to happen, it would take courage and vision - not just rhetoric.
In 2016, an index that ranked the world's best countries placed Canada in second behind Germany. Published by U.S. News and World Report, this index saw Canada take the top spot amongst among the nearly 6000 millennials that it surveyed (18-35 years old). Other assessments of Canada's international image have yielded similar results.
That this presidency could have serious impacts on reproductive rights in the U.S. is clear. But another serious concern is the global impact the election will have; the U.S. is the biggest donor for reproductive health in developing countries. This could mean the closure of organizations and clinics that provide life-saving services.