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Forever 21

The clothing retailer employs 2,000 people across Canada.
No word yet on whether or not stores are closing.
Let us explain.
When will this stealing madness stop?
Red, white and Swift.
Cue the social media firestorm.
Beach, please.
Apparently he likes them a lot. And "The Daily Show with Jon Stewart" talent coordinator Beth Shorr. As did "Last Week Tonight
When I shop, I want to know how the pieces I like are made. I look at the tag. I ask where the fabrics are from. I read about the designer. These details reveal the process of a piece that earns a hanger in my closet. This is what separates Heather Smith's designs of Laos-based shop Passa Paa from fast fashion retailers and puts a value on owning her pieces.
The fashion and style of Hollywood's elite has long been coveted by those of us not in the 90210 zip code. We can offer our secret tips on how to dress like a celebrity, walk like a celebrity and accessorize like a celebrity without the million-dollar pay day.