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free speech

Universities that don't express a "commitment" to free speech would not be eligible for grants.
Universities and colleges have one semester to comply.
Beautifully written. Beautifully spoken.
Is operating a social media account in the likeness and purported voice of a public official "parody" or "impersonation?"
One of the differences between a free society and a repressive regime is the right to remain silent.
Students who engage in pro-Palestine activism are often faced with incredible obstacles to their free expression on campus.
The recent scandal at Wilfried Laurier University should make it clear that higher education in Canada is, literally, in crisis.
If fundamental freedoms can be enjoyed only selectively, provided you don't say the "wrong" thing, and provided that you don't belong to the "wrong" religion, they are worthless.
The university argues that a loud, unruly, physically disruptive mob should be entitled to shut down campus events, as long as the mob is non-violent.