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free trade

Ford said he encourages Canada to impose retaliatory tariffs on the U.S.
Canada kind of sucks at this free trade thing; the U.S. faces a record labour shortage.
Dear Canada, free trade deals don't make sense if you don't sell things to your trade partners.
Investor-state dispute settlement was tempered in the USMCA, but the government needs to justify why it persists asking for it in other agreements.
I had a front-row seat throughout the talks after being asked to be an adviser to the Canadian negotiating team.
We urge you to negotiate in a spirit that upholds your progressive agenda, as opposed to a NAFTA serving a tiny minority.
The artificial obstacles that exist between the provinces slow down business investment and cost consumers billions of dollars every year.
Some may argue that the world is a lot more complicated today, which is why we need more complicated trade deals, but this is simply false.
"The stars are sort of aligning right now."
The Trans-Pacific Partnership is a fundamentally flawed trade deal that puts much at risk in Canada, with little to offer Canada's economy in return.