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For the first six to 12 months, I was failing miserably on all fronts.
The reality is the freelance life is met with sacrifice, self-discipline and career challenges that are learned throughout the journey.
Remember, the self-employed lifestyle requires work.
We have all seen these advertisements before. The one that ends up on your timeline on social media that you can become a
We're at an economic crossroads in the Canadian economic landscape. Today, more professionals are joining the growing ranks of the self-employed workers in Canada. This is driven in part by an increase in the on-demand economy, like ride-sharing, peer-to-peer rental, project-based job platforms and online retail platforms.
Life as a freelance writer, as all self-employed creative professionals know, is a hustle. Countless unpaid hours of marketing, promotion, professional development, training, networking, pitching and negotiating go into each and every contract, no matter how big or small, whether won or lost.
Research regularly shows that the millennial generation are actively looking to work differently and are increasingly drawn to the type of careers the gig economy offers. As the gig economy grows, so do the opportunities for organizations of all sizes to increase their impact and profits in a way that is cost effective and creative.
More so than any other time in the history of the post-industrial career, how work happens can be tailored and adapted to reflect individual needs and goals. Make the most of these opportunities by investing the time to create the foundations for your own version of a successful gig career.
Be early: Never, ever be late for a meeting or appointment. I am routinely over an hour early for meetings. Not only does it relieve stress (yours) and frustration (theirs) but that hour gives you ample preparation time, or time to finish other work and errands while you have a coffee.
The Uber economy and related growth in income precariousness is a pressing social and cultural issue and one that needs more innovative thinking and action. But there's another side to the labor disruption underway: for highly skilled professionals, consultants, knowledge workers and accomplished executives -- the gig economy offers the opportunity for an unprecedented level of career control and satisfaction.