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G7 summit

An international summit that dates back to 1975 is held every year to bring some of the world’s most advanced economies together with the goal of tackling major issues.
The U.S. president took to Twitter after the G7 summit.
The U.S. president's world view doesn't jive with his fellow global leaders.
It had said "admitting Trump for any occasion, summit or state visit presents a threat to Canadian values of pluralism and inclusion."
During the recent G7 Summit in Sicily, U.S. President Donald Trump called Germany "bad, very bad" because of its strong car exports to the USA. German Chancellor Angela Merkel responded by saying that Mr. Trump criticizing her country's trade surplus was "inappropriate." Who's right here?
As a global collective grounded in humanity as a common value and fully aware that millions of people in humanitarian crises and conflicts worldwide are in need of solutions, now is the time to put differences aside and begin to address the suffering of millions of people affected by humanitarian crises -- particularly young girls.
Finance Minister Joe Oliver said Wednesday he believes relaxing labour laws to make it easier to lay off workers would help