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Gaetan Barrette

They say continual pay increases are "shocking" in light of the working conditions that nurses face.
In Sweden, the government has a very limited degree of bureaucratic control over the health-care sector. This is a far cry from the health department determining the one menu to be served in every hospital, clinic and long-term care facility.
“Mr. Trudeau said he wanted collaboration. Is this collaboration?”
Jane Philpott wants some strings attached.
Several provinces are frustrated by Ottawa's vague proposals.
Martin Coiteux doesn't give the impression he's very interested in negotiating with workers in the public sector. Despite the fact that the Common Front has significantly lowered its demand on pay it seems clear to me that the chair of the Conseil du trésor had already written his speech before he even met with the Common Front.
What's the most upsetting in all this is the speed with which the government invests large amounts in a private company for a high-risk project at the same time as it is loath to invest in public services. Our government of bankers and businessmen should remember that it is responsible for managing for the common good -- period!
He's taken a lot of shots for his appearance. But look at him now.
I'm going to talk to you about social inequalities. Some might think that this issue isn't important in Québec. Yet the data show a particularly disturbing growth in inequalities. In my opinion, our struggles must converge on the fight against growing social inequalities.