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gas prices

Gas prices will be "roaring lower" in the coming weeks, but budget deficits will be doing the opposite.
The Ontario government is requiring every gas station in the province to display them.
Among the four "backstop" provinces, households overall will actually receive more back than they will pay in.
A sinking loonie and rising carbon taxes are among the things that could end low gas prices this year.
This is happening even as Canadian crude sells at prices not seen in the oil markets since the 1990s.
As an oil exporting country, we stand to gain. But as a country that does a lot of driving, we risk pain.
Michael Ervin said he doesn't expect prices to rise much more than they already have this summer.
British Columbia will see gas shortages, prices at $2 a litre if Alberta cuts oil supplies, analyst warns.
British Columbia and Quebec, we feel for you.
A potential gas shortage in the eastern U.S. could affect Canada as well.
Gas, groceries and heating costs are all expected to go up.
This isn't good.
City of champions ... and low gas prices.
These prices are defying history.
Oil prices have plunged once again, and gas prices are coming down with them — but not nearly as much as they should be, according
Questions are being raised as to why the federal government stopped issuing a bi-weekly report on gas prices, just as that
Tomorrowsgaspricetoday is 100 per cent certain of a price increase this weekend.
Shutdown of U.S. refinery sends Canadian oil down, gas prices up More pain at the pumps to come for Western Canadians Lower
Gas prices in Canada have been rising, even as oil prices have been falling, but Canadians are still a little better off