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gay straight alliance

They change school culture and save lives (plus they’re fun).
It's incredibly important that we create visibly queer spaces, because as queer and trans people, we are made to feel invisible every day.
Religious groups have launched a constitutional challenge against Bill 24, a law that facilitates gay-straight alliances in Alberta schools.
Bill 24 would ensure no child in a GSA gets outed to their parents.
Jason Kenney made the personal the political when he said parents should be notified when a kid joins their school's gay-straight alliance - which, of course, has the effect of outing them. Jason Kenney proposed one rule for gay kids, and an entirely different rule for guys like him. You know, like hypocrites do.
Duncan Kinney of Progress Alberta argues that "Alberta Should Be Proud of Gay-Straight Alliances in its Schools" (Huffington
It takes an incredible amount of courage and leadership to actually go to the principal at an outwardly Christian school and ask to start a GSA. To those students, you have my admiration and my respect. Students all over Alberta need to know that it can happen at their school, too.
We are told that the prohibition of homosexuality is black and white in Islam. Comparisons are often made between sins like eating pork, drinking wine, committing adultery and homosexuality. However, all such arguments do not reflect a reasonable understanding of Islamic law, which is meant for the welfare of human beings and not for sole subjugation.
When the right of a tax-funded separate Catholic school system was put into the constitution back in 1867, it was a way of protecting the religious, cultural and language rights of the minority French (who were predominantly Catholic) from the majority English (who were predominantly Protestant) at a time when all schooling was church-run. We now live in a multicultural country based on equality and yet somehow in three provinces it's still considered kosher that one religious group gets tax-funded schooling but not Jews, Muslims, Sikhs, Buddhist, Hindus, etc. It's the dictionary definition of privilege.
Quinn Maloney-Tavares and Polly Hamilton are 11, and hoping to start Canada's first Catholic elementary school Gay-Straight Alliance club.