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gen z

Businesses say they’re struggling to hire because of CERB. The program’s defenders say things would be much worse without it.
Younger generations are more aware but they still face a stigma.
They're reinforcing the movement the millennials started by making employers rethink work, motivation, reward, engagement, commitment and trust.
Young men are doing away with the stereotypes.
One could argue that the Millennials were only slightly impacted by "Helicopter Parented" phenomenon and the influence their parents had on them had both a positive and negative impact on their workplace skills, whereas the Gen Z kids grew up when this style of parenting really took hold. This could account for so many of them relying on their parents to help them with career decisions. So how is that working out?
Only recently has greater attention been paid to Generation Z. As more data is collected, what we are beginning to see is not so much a continuation of the trends we saw with Millennials, but the introduction of a new cohort with their own priorities, beliefs and abilities. With yet another generation (for a total of five!) entering the workforce, it's important to understand what makes them tick so that we can better understand how to make the most of them.
Brands are now needing to engage via social media in order to please customers.