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gender equality

Industries dominated by men are about to see a rehiring boom.
Police recently laid Canada’s first terrorism charge in an alleged misogynistic crime.
Workers who are already vulnerable or disadvantaged are getting the worst of the layoffs.
And for younger generations, the effects of gender stereotyping are even worse.
Think twice before telling women to smile more.
A poll from Randstad Canada has found wide discrepancies in attitudes between women and men, and old stereotypes persist.
But there’s still a lot more work to do before we achieve gender parity.
Is a leader committed to equality too much to ask for this election?
"The next time a woman... tells you what she needs in order to do her job, listen to her," said the "Fosse/Verdon" actor.
A 40-per-cent cut to legal aid funding was “devastating” for low-income British Columbians, lawyers say.
Recognizing the excellence of pro women's soccer can spur progress at all levels of the game.
Still, a majority of both genders would back a pay equity law.
There is no reason today why women on average should be making less money than men.
Toys geared towards a specific gender can lead kids down the path of discrimination and unequal power relationships.
Gender inequality and unbalanced power relations are the real drivers of HIV transmission.
Women overall have less control over how, what, where and when work is undertaken.
The Conservative government has yet to unveil policies that specifically address gender disparities, such as violence against women and girls.
This is a critical moment where we can both celebrate the progress we've made so far, while highlighting the gaps that remain.
A disease-based sexual health model doesn't work.