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Insecure with his gender? Couldn't be Aquaman.
Parents are sharing photos of their daughters reacting to the first woman vice-president.
This is not the first time the retail giant has been the subject of an anti-trans discrimination lawsuit.
Blake Morrow's "Love Yourself" series honours both sides of drag kings and queens.
We chatted with Frannie Holder, one of the artists in the Montreal group that put together the striking video.
Moms' participation in the workforce is falling sharply, but the same isn't happening with dads.
She's heartbroken to still be the only Black woman to win Best Actress at the Oscars.
Inappropriate marketing raised ire that the critically acclaimed French movie sexualizes young girls
Queer people aren't accessories to debate — we're human beings, people of flesh and blood.
Young women like Haneen Hossam and Mawada Eladhm, who dance or do skits on TikTok, face jail time.
The response to the rapper's traumatic experience exposes the limits of our compassion.
He and Grimes also got into a Twitter spat about gender pronouns.
An Ohio family decided to have a celebration for their son's coming out.
In high school, the teen struggled to find somewhere he belonged. Then came ballroom.
"The Harry Potter author said something ignorant" is a tale as old as time.
Creating an affirming home is the most important thing parents can do.
Even in areas where more women get the virus, men are dying at higher rates.
One high school boy she addressed seemed very excited to meet her.
And for younger generations, the effects of gender stereotyping are even worse.