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gilles duceppe

"I believe that the other three parties - which I call the 'Bloc Canada' - are basically the same on many, many issues."
His childhood aspiration was to be a hockey player.
Gilles Duceppe just wasn't having it.
Thomas Mulcair, head of the NDP, has not been able to use any of the leaders' debates to stop his party's loss of momentum, making him the loser of this first meeting in French. Stephen Harper and Gilles Duceppe performed well, whereas Justin Trudeau stumbled on several occasions and had his worst debate performance since the beginning of the election campaign. The wearing of the niqab and the constitutional question sharply divided the federal party leaders and created some lively exchanges.
'It's plain as day!"
For one, the main candidate fending off the attacks will be Thomas Mulcair, not Stephen Harper.
In a strange way sovereignists share in the shame over Harper's Canada and want to react against it. As a result, they have decided to support the NDP instead of the Bloc, if the latest polls are any indication. And there's the rub, because that support seems completely illogical, and provides federalists with a potential political trap they will quickly spring against sovereignists.If the sovereignist vote for the NDP translates into a loss for Gilles Duceppe and the Bloc Québécois, we'll end up with only federalist parties and MPs in Ottawa.
The last debate on women’s issues was in 1984.
The most recent projections describe a situation in which it is unlikely the party will win a single seat.
Now that Gilles Duceppe is back and has declared his willingness to support a coalition that would offer an alternative to the Conservatives and which is in Quebec's interest, the dilemma for voters in the province changes dramatically.
Well, cross another one off the bucket list, as last Monday I made my debut as a TV political commentator. Given my career path and my reputation, the aforementioned gig seems strange and incongruous. But those who know me know my political passion, especially these days as Quebec and Montreal try to redefine their places in a rapidly-changing world.
MONTREAL -- Who could resist a cuddly cartoon Canadian beaver, purring as it rubs against your leg with a broad, buck-toothed
A year ago Wednesday, Canadians elected Stephen Harper to lead a majority Conservative government. The Bloc Quebecois was
OTTAWA -- After losing his seat in the last federal election, Gilles Duceppe will make his way back to Parliament on Monday
OTTAWA — Should you have the right to know how much your member of Parliament expensed yesterday for lunch? Or how they spent
OTTAWA — Former Bloc Quebecois leader Gilles Duceppe will get to defend himself from allegations he misused taxpayer funds
For the first time since Confederation, the once mighty Liberal Party of Canada was neither the government or official opposition. Layton became the first New Democrat to be sworn in as Her Majesty's Official Leader of the Opposition, another historic moment brought to us by May 2nd's election.
Though Quebecers forced Gilles Duceppe out of Ottawa on May 2, they seem to like the idea of installing him in Quebec City
The Bloc Quebecois announced Monday that three former and current MPs are running for the party's top job. Jean-Francois
As we know, Mr. Duceppe pulled out of his radio gig before beginning, leading to allegations of a double standard regarding other ex-politicians. Still, the Duceppe kerfuffle did shine a spotlight on the increasing number of partisans who participate in the media as political commentators.