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Parents are sharing photos of their daughters reacting to the first woman vice-president.
The risk is high for daughters of moms exposed to diethyl phthalate and parabens.
A growing girl's self-criticism devalues her self worth and can have long-term, detrimental effects.
We must vote for action and ensure that girls, young women and non-binary youth have the government investments necessary to take the world stage.
The Science Guy has a deep connection to women in STEM through his mother
With Canada hosting the G7 summit this June, there's never been a better moment to focus on one of the most neglected issues facing the world today.
Girls learn quickly to judge before being judged, to shrink themselves to avoid judgment and to use judgment to protect themselves from pain.
All too often they are held back by harmful gender norms, discrimination and lack of access to rights.
It's time to flip the script and give girls the voice and respect they deserve.