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glen murray

We sent each of the candidates this 23-question questionnaire.
The TVO-hosted event featured 10 candidates seeking to replace Elizabeth May.
It seems, based on Ontario Environment and Climate Change Minister Glen Murray's actions, that the task of saving Ontario's honey bees is now an exercise in throwing out ideas without any concern for the impact it will have on saving the bees, or the broader consequences. Here's one he has not considered: ban cellphone use.
Georgian Bay Forever maintains that we need climate-resilient structures strategically placed to control the water levels throughout the basin. Such structures will mitigate the worst effects of climate change. Premier Wynne and her reelected government can act to prioritize research into engineering measures to mitigate declining water levels, which will only get worse with climate change.
Wynne was not prepared for the re-emergence of Mayor Rob Ford as a major political force in his home area of Etobicoke and in Scarborough, where he is also strangely and very strongly admired and supported. I am predicting a victory for Holyday in Etobicoke and a huge upset victory for the Tories in Scarborough.
Forget House of Cards, Scandal or even The West Wing and other TV/Netflix political potboilers. We have a much better political soap opera and hissing match playing out right here in Toronto over funding for the Scarborough Subway.
As the Ontario Liberal Party prepares to host delegate election meetings across the province this weekend, all signs point to a victory for Kathleen Wynne. She continues to demonstrate the organizational strength and critical levels of support needed to become the Leader of the Ontario Liberal Party. Glen Murray chose to drop out of the race and endorse Wynne prior to delegate election meetings where delegates, who will ultimately elect the next leader, will be elected themselves. Assuming his supporters follow him, Wynne's advantage going into this weekend's delegate election meetings is significant.
With the release of he much-anticipated budget report of Don Drummond tomorrow, students will find themselves among nurses, the unemployed, teachers, early childcare educators, social workers, and millions of other Ontarians who will try to make it politically impossible for McGuinty to implement any of the cuts or regressive policy changes that Drummond recommends.