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global warming

The former U.S. presidential candidate called the sticker misogynistic on CNN.
Half of the planet's sandy coastlines may vanish by 2100, researchers warn.
Climate pledges can make for good publicity, but they don’t always show the full picture.
The city's winters will be more warm and rainy by 2050, a new study suggests.
McGill says it’s taking other steps to reduce its carbon footprint.
The former Bank of Canada governor is slated to become a UN special envoy on climate change.
In 2009, Canada was called the “dirty old man of the climate world.” What’s changed?
Climate change is making them more frequent and intense.
In the 1990s, Imperial Oil issued dire warnings about global warming and then denied it was happening at all.
Imperial, Canada's second-largest petroleum producer, said it was necessary to stop global warming,