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google life extension

Not everyone thinks radically longer lives are a good idea. Many feel the endeavour is grossly unnatural and will somehow upset the very meaning of what it is to be human. How will we appreciate any one moment if the supply is inexhaustible? Immortality is coming, but it won't be a physical life courtesy of Google's new company. It will be in the form of a robotic afterlife, something that scares me just as much as dying.
It's easier than ever to live our lives without accepting they will end. Last week, Time asked "Can Google Solve Death?" in a story about the tech company's foray into the life extension business. I'll happily take another few healthy decades on this earth but more time won't make our lives richer. Talking about death will. Unfortunately, mortality has a PR issue: too many of us view death as a mouse in our brains -- a creature we ignore during the day but that gnaws away at our sanity come night. Instead, we should welcome the discussion of death into our homes.