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Many students expect to obtain a respectable, decent-paying job in their field right after graduation, but is this expectation realistic nowadays?
As a dean, this is the most fulfilling time of year for me.
This is pretty big: graduating high school! It's a major accomplishment. Now, for the first time, you get to decide what your next steps will be. College? University? Both are exciting options, but there is one important question you need to answer.
It's that time of year again when our hardworking students get ready to graduate. While graduation lasts only a day the memories last forever, so give them a celebration they'll never forget with these eats and tips for a perfect Grad party.
If you've grown up with parents who overprotected you, did too much for you, and made you feel like everything was coming to you, you're going to be at an even greater disadvantage than the average graduate in today's marketplace. These helicopter parents love their kids but they're doing them a terrible disservice, as their kids are coming out of college and university lacking the basic skills and mindset that will set them up for success.
Spring. The days are getting longer and the spring flowers are already peeking through. But if you recently graduated from college or university, you might be oblivious to the beautiful weather as that nagging question "What am I going to do now?" starts ringing through your head.