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greater toronto area

Canada's priciest cities are growing even less affordable for their populations.
Almost all respondents agree that the dream of home ownership is becoming more difficult to achieve for young people in the area.
More than half of both homeowners and renters say affordability is a top concern.
Prices have fallen more than 14 per cent in the past year.
The biggest mistake a seller could make right now is to stick to the same strategies and expectations that worked when the market was red hot.
Detached home prices in Toronto are lower than they were a year ago.
Sales are down 82 per cent from the year before.
In the GTA's high-priced real-estate market, where the barrier to entry for owning a single-family home is exorbitantly high, the City of Brampton represents a rare vestige where detached properties still average for below the million-dollar mark.
This Labour Day over twenty-five thousand union members will march on the streets of Toronto with the Labour Council to celebrate the achievements of the labour movement. It is the largest parade on Labour Day in North America -- a testament to the determination of workers to mark our place in Canada's largest urban centre.
Renting or buying? The bottom line is that everyone needs a place to live. We've all heard the endless debates of which option is best. The short answer to this topic is quite simple -- it all depends on preference.