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Growing Old

There is no shortage of jokes about old age and what old people can get away with, like, you can eat dinner whenever you want or make remarks younger folks would get arrested for. But seriously, there are aspects of aging that really can make a difference in how we relate to what is still in store for us.
Have you been to a high school reunion recently? Leadership guru John Maxwell has and it was depressing. First and foremost
We can go days without talking, but I still know their love is there. Most of the time it's comforting, like a hug or a warm sweater. But sometimes it's heavy, almost suffocating, as if their happiness depends entirely on my actions, my life. I don't blame them because I know this intensity only stems from their greatest fear: losing me or my brothers.
If you're over the age of 24, you've already reached the peak of your cognitive motor skills (your brain's ability to process
Provided we are not met with some catastrophic circumstance in the next 24 hours, tomorrow, we will both be one day older than today. The way I see it, there are two "Fatherly" ways to get old. You can get old as a godfather or as a grandfather.
Tonight I got sucked into the Facebook vortex, looking at the admittedly obscene amount of pictures I have collected and taken over the years. And I thought: wow, I looked so young. And then: wow, I look so much older. And I do.