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Gun Laws

I grew up in the States. It took moving to Canada for me to realize that having the right or ability to own a gun doesn't mean you need to.
Dozens of teens staged the "lie in" just days after a school shooter killed 17 in Florida.
Pretty straightforward.
The survey found some surprising results in Quebec, however.
The solution to ending the senseless violence that continues to rock the U.S. is a simple one; a nation-wide ban on assault rifles. Period. I completely appreciate why some people are protective of the right to own a firearm.... Again, I grew up around firearms and in no way am I anti-gun. But... these are weapons that have no place in an otherwise safe and civil society.
"It's not the best argument, but it's all you've got."
In the decade before Australia's 1996 Port Arthur massacre, 11 mass shootings left 100 dead. There have been none since. Homicides and suicides also plummeted.
A growing sense of entitlement is leading to gun violence in the U.S. Many people think they are entitled to guns, and are entitled to control the lives of other people. But this isn't the case. Let's be clear -- in life, we are entitled to but one thing: our own lives. Apart from the air he breathed to help sustain his life, we are not entitled to anything else -- no person, no shooter, is entitled to kill anyone.